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Hybrid Packages

Simplified bundled packages to reveal the gem that you are

Party Cake
Hindu God Tattoo

Brazillian & Vagacial
Smooth, Clean, Soft

​This combo is ideal for those who suffer from ingrown after shaving or waxing. Thight clothing and  underwear may also be a cause for uneven skin tone and ingrown hairs. Receiving a vagacial after waxing will reduce ingrowns and uneven skin tone, add CBD to and the skin will be less irritated, tighter, smoother and radiant!

Birthday Wishes
Highpy Birthday

Treat yourself!!
A special service for the gem that you are. Enjoy a facial and massage and birthday goody! Choose from 30min facial and back massage or vise versa!

Your Royal Highness 
The Great Escape

A NEW YOU. Body scrub, Massage & Facial. Indulge in this full body detox as you rejuvenate and restore your skin. Deep exfoliating and intense hydrating treatment will soften and tightened skin.

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